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Since 1993, Bathroom Remodeling has been a service most requested by Plymouth Michigan customers. Plymouth Bathroom Remodeling something we’ve had a lot of experience with.  Bathroom remodeling can immediately increase the value of your house, can also save you time during the beginning of the workday, and make your home a more comfortable place to come home to.


Deciding on the Right Bathroom Remodel for You


We can help guide you how extensive a Plymouth Michigan bathroom remodeling needs to be, based on space available and your remodeling budget you’re working with. You can start by identifying the reasons you feel a need for a bathroom renovation. Our Plymouth Michigan customers typically want to remodel bathrooms for one of these reasons:

  • Update to help sell a Plymouth Michigan home. Bathrooms, in particular, are important rooms to potential buyers. When a design is up to date, functional, and attractive, it’s one more reason a buyer will be interested in making an offer on your home. Doing a remodel primarily to sell your Plymouth Michigan house, even a modest bathroom remodel can accomplish what’s needed to create a clean attractive space.


  •  To add luxury. Because a bathroom is one of the most frequently visited rooms in the house, many Plymouth Michigan customers wanted more than basics. If you’re looking for more luxury in addition to more functionality, select from high-end fixtures, appliances, designs, and décor options to give you that touch of luxury you’ve always wanted. With the right planning and budget, you can turn an ordinary bathroom into a haven that offers you hours of relaxation without leaving your home.



Whatever  reason for wanting a bathroom remodel, I have the experience with Plymouth Michigan bathroom remodeling to help you identify the changes you’re looking for. I am the owner of Parko Home Renovations an experienced craftsmans not a salesman. When you ask me to visit your Plymouth Michigan home, I will look over existing bathroom arrangements, talk with you about your bathroom remodeling goals, discuss options, draw up plans, show samples, and help you make the necessary decisions about bathroom remodeling work you may want to undertake.